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Colombo Medical Congress 2023

The Editorial Committee for the Colombo Medical Congress 2023 invites the academic staff members, postgraduate and undergraduate students of the Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo and Colombo Medical School Alumni Association (CoMSAA) members to submit abstracts.
Abstracts reporting original research, protocols of original research, systematic reviews or metanalyses and case studies are welcome. (Protocols of original research and systematic reviews metanalyses and case studies will be considered for awards under a separate category).


How to submit an abstract:

Step 1: Provide the detail of authors, title, keywords and abstract using the link Make Submission.

Step 2: Provide a password for the abstract and complete the submission. Note that this password will require to upload the PDF of the abstract and to view the abstract decision. Hence,  please keep passwords used for each abstracts safe.

Step 3: Notedown the Submission ID that will appear in the confirmation screen.

Step 4: Go to Upload File to submit PDF of the abstract.

Step 5: Provide the submission ID and password used during the abstract submission (step 2 above).

Step 6: Seect the PDF of the abstract to upload.




Review and Program Committees:



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